From the recording Within Arms Reach

I wrote this after a friend of mine OD'd and lived because I found them.  It was a time of big learning for me.  I learned that people are not saveable.  We are all here on our own recognizance, with our own relationship with God, or lack there of.  This person taught me so much, especially how when we do not take care of ourselves we hurt others.  He died 3 months later.


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Within Arms Reach
6/8 key of F BPM = 144
Chorus – verse – Chorus – verse – chorus – instr. Verse – verse - chorus
Within arms reach you’re going down
Falling to your death, both feet right on the ground
Like there’s nothing that can save you
not even my love
Verse 1
The night that I found you I thought that you’d already left
I broke down the door, pounded on your chest til you finally drew a breath
I did exactly what the man on the phone told me to do
He neglected to mention
you might have preferred no one had found you
Verse 2
Trouble is a dog, it’s gotta chase you if you run
Trouble’s not out to get you, trouble would chase anyone
Trouble is a snow ball, it gets bigger as you go
But the real trouble with trouble is it thinks nobody knows
Instrumental verse
Verse 3
Now I’ve sat with death more than a time or two
In particular one long hot sunny August afternoon
In a field my life and my death races towards the finish line
My life won by a nose and was mine
Last Chorus
So within arms reach I am right here
I’m not scared of your anger, your sorrow or your fear
I know there’s something that can save you
And it’s not my love.