1. Moses

From the recording Moses

So I had this image in my head from Sunday school as a kid that when Moses parted the Red Sea he was, you know, dry, that he was standing on the bank waving his magic staff.  But no, actually, he was up to his neck in the water. 


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Moses came to the water, and Moses stepped right in
The water was rising, Moses kept going in
Saying neither shall I sink nor shall I swim
Because faith is when you’re moving
And you’ve left everything you’ve ever know
God mostly talks to people in the desert
Who are down on their knees alone
Every ocean opens when we walk into the water of our fear
There’s magic, there’s magic in motion
It’s the steps we take that make the path appear
It’s the steps we take that make the path appear
We find ourselves on the edge of the sea inside our hearts
It’s sacred ground, when we’re lost and found
Step right in, I swear I swear the water parts
Between the desert and the sea
We stand between our fear and our destiny
So remember mighty Moses heading for the promised land
Would not be stopped by water after forty years of sand
You can sink or swim, stay out or jump in
It’s entirely up to you
I believe God helps those who help themselves
Cause that’s the way that we learn to jhelp somebody else
That why when Moses came to the water
Moses stepped right in..