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Kathy Moser: Music

Windows On The World

(Kathy Moser)
Kathy Moser

I wrote this after 9/11.  A person from my high school was killed and I went to the memorial.  It just seemed like it must be possible for us to all come together with that intensity under way better circumstances.

For those not from the NY region, one of the weird things about that time was that the weather was stunningly beautiful for weeks afterwards, just crystal clear cloudless days one after another, which was such a contrast to how it felt.

As we approach the 10 year anniversary it feels very present again.


Windows on the World



I know why the sky was so blue, Heaven’s doors were open wide

As three thousand souls came flying through,

stunned to find themselves on the other side

I know why the rain never fell, it was falling from our eyes

I don’t know what the time will tell, but I know nothing can disguise



That it’s time for a change,

look out the windows on the world and you rearrange

It’s time that we know, we live in a glass house, in a glass world

And there is nowhere to go



In churches mosques and temples, all around this town

We say goodbye to our family and our friends

Nothing to even lay in the ground, it’s so hard to see where this ends

We look at our children and we so want to say,

everything’s gonna be alright

We’ll build a world where a clear blue day

doesn’t mean they can’t sleep at night



People all around me, they come tumbling down like buildings

Like towers that we thought would always stand so high

In these times that make no sense, holding days that last forever

We are crushed beneath the beauty of the clear blue sky



Now I’ll never tell you that I think it’s right

But someone’s gotta ask why those men

Left their countries, left their families, and flew all the way here to die

An eye for an eye’s gonna leave us all in the dark

Blind to the truth, no where is a world apart

Look out the windows, tell me what do you see

Where are the twin towers of justice and liberty?