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Kathy Moser: Music

The Weather Man

(Kathy Moser)
January 27, 2015
copyright Kathy Moser Music

The Weather Man


The weather man’s making me crazy

I was so normal before

Why is there a channel for weather

When it’s right outside everyone’s door


I want my Tuesday refunded

I did what they said, I got burned

I stayed home the whole day for nothing

I wrote this song and I learned that


The reason they call it the weather

Is they don’t know whether or not,

it will rain or will snow or be sunny

whether it will be cold or be hot




When they predict the precipitation

Causing the cancelization

of all of the transportation

across this whole damn nation


when they talk and they talk all day
the only nice thing I can say

is my what an imagination

I wish they’d take their medication




Why not a channel for grass

Is it growing slow or fast

How bout a channel for air

How else will we know that it’s there


When there’s something that you need to know

When you’re getting ready to go

look outside and see what you see

and then act accordingly