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Kathy Moser: Music

Coming Back for You

(Kathy Moser)
August 7, 2010
Kathy Moser

I wrote this song as an assignment in a songwriting class led by Amy Speace at Rocky Mountain Song School.  We were asked to identify a time in our life where things changed from one moment to the next, and life was never the same again.  Then we were paired up and told our stories to the other person, then we wrote each others stories into song. 

My partner was a man named Kevin and he told me about walking back to his house one day, seeing it in the distance and realizing he couldn't take his heart home with him.  He described feeling like he took his heart out of his body and buried it that day.  While he was doing that he told himself that if life ever made sense to him he'd come back for it. 

All the details in the song come from what he told me.  It's my sng but it's Kevin's story.


He was 12 years old, a mile from home

when something stopped him dead in his tracks

He couldn’t go on, couldn’t stay there

and he couldn’t no he couldn’t go back

He couldn’t walk the plank to that white front door

and die for a place called home

The youngest of five, lived in a house

where everybody lived alone



It was late October late afternoon

The fields were dry and brown

There was nobody else so he said to himself

As he kneslt down on the ground

If I ever make sense of this life that I’m living

I know what I’m goona do

Then he buried his heart in the cold dry ground

And he broke himself in two



Sometimes to survive, just to stay alive

this is what you have to do

no matter what it takes, no matter where I go

I swear, I swear I am coming back for you



Hen he turned 24, locked up again,

something stopped him dead in his tracks

he couldn’t go on, couldn’t stay there

and he couldn’t no he couldn’t go back

the walls of his cell were the walls of his mind

were the walls of his life from the start

and he fell to his knees, begging to be free

when he heard this voice from his heart








Coming Back for You  pg 2





And he was broken, broken, open, open

Inside, inside, inside, in silence

He was broken, broken, open, open

See the mirror, mirror, mirror getting clearer



So now I’m here at 50 years,

something stops me dead in my tracks

I can’t go on, I can’t stay here,

I have to yes I have to go back

Cause I see these boys down on their knees

burying their hearts in the dirt

and I kneel right down and pull them in I say son, son

I know how that hurts



Sometimes to survive

Just to stay alive

This is what we have to do

We can heal ourselves when we help someone else

That’s why, that’s why I’m coming back for you